I was absolutely delighted to hear that the app I put together for the Vodafone Smart Accessibility Awards has been made a finalist. The app, “Are You OK” falls under the wellbeing category. If you’re not familar with the awards, the idea is to improve the lives of the elderly or disabled through technology.

Are You OK is a simple app that was inspired by the panic button pendants many elderly use in their homes. The button communicates with a base-station plugged into the phone which contacts an emergency call center and and a voice can be heard over the speakerphone. The problem is these buttons are often left lying around out of reach, and many hours, or at worst days can go by before they get help after something like a fall. On top of this there’s a monthly fee for the service.

Are You OK works in reverse. It has an easily configurable alarm which goes off every X hours throughout the day, asking if they are OK with two big buttons, yes or no. If they hit no or fail to get to the phone within a certain time, it sends a text message to chosen friends or family asking them to check in by phone or by dropping by.

Tomorrow I’m off to Brussels to present the app before a panel. Here’s hoping it all goes well and if I’m very lucky I’ll get to bring back good news!

You can view the final 12 apps here.

  • Tim Korson

    Posted: June 20, 2012

    Great Idea. I love it. It is a great solutions for elderly persons with an android phone and a data plan.

    However my mom, like many other elderly persons does not have an expensive android phone and data plan. How about an app to run on my phone, that sends my mom an SMS and alters me if she doesn't reply in a specified time-frame.

    She does have a PC also, as do many elderly persons. How about a website that she would have to check in to at specified times and would text me if she didn't?