With news of Nokia’s recent announcement that they will be developing a new browser for series 60 devices based on Apple’s Web Kit (via DigitalMediaMinute), I took a little look at my page hits, and noticed over 150 hits from Symbian OS, ok ok so that was trailing both Amiga OS and BeOS, but still, that’s grown ten-fold in the last two months, and I expect this to rise steadily.

Perhaps we are now seeing the realisation of mobiles as the content-centric device that we all hoped for when the screens became colorful and the processors that little bit faster. The only thing standing in the way is the cost of data transfer, with 3G rising in popularity here in the U.K. the mobile carriers still feel they can charge the same rates as with GPRS and GSM, only now the downloads are significantly larger.

Russell Beattie posts on the applications he uses in his phone, and they include two extra web browsers inlcuding the very smart mobile edition of Opera. Hopefully Nokia’s effort will lead to something a little more revolutionary rather than scaling down existing technology. Either way, this is another oppurtunity to say, things are hotting up!